Stanford Security Lunch
Winter 2011

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January 5 Organizational meeting

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January 12 Formalizing Privacy Laws

Speaker: Eric Peifung Lam

Abstract: I will talk about our ongoing work on formalizing privacy laws such as HIPAA. For training purposes and to facilitate analysis of a privacy law, it is often desirable to set up a small model that exhibits most of the interesting features of the law. In our current work, we formalize the behavior of an organization operating under the privacy law using Datalog, a fragment of first-order logic language. We seek to understand if there exists a "minimal" model that characterizes the “interesting” behavior of an organization under the law, such as all the actions that are permitted or prohibited by the law. I will talk about our setup and some current results we have obtained.

Joint work with: John Mitchell and Andre Scedrov

January 19 Hart Montgomery

January 26 Mike Hamburg

February 2 Jonathan Mayer

February 9 Andrea Bittau

February 16 Deian

February 23 Hristo Bojinov

March 2 Ananth Raghunathan

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