Stanford Security Lunch

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Can I attend?  Yes! The lunch is open to the public so anyone with an interest in computer security is welcome to attend. If you are planning to bring five or more people to lunch, please email us (kcruth@cs) in advance so that we can order more food.

When?  Lunch starts at around 12:00 with the speaker presenting from around 12:15 for 25 - 30 minutes with 10 - 15 minutes of questions after that.

Where?   We meet in Gates 463A, in the building's "B" wing.

Parking?  Gates parking/directions.

Amenities?  We have a projector and large whiteboard. We also have working toilets and can arrange for wireless network access.

Who?  Kimberly Ruth (kcruth@cs.) maintains this site.

Join?  To get announcements about upcoming talks, subscribe to the list at this subscription page.

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