Stanford Security Lunch
Winter 2017

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January 04, 2016 No meeting due to Real World Crypto workshop

January 11, 2016 Global Internet Sensing

Speaker:  Matt Kraning (Qadium)

Abstract:  A deep dive into distributed global internet sensing. This talk with cover distributed system design, measuring data accuracy and bias, and next generation deployment topic areas. Applications to global internet security ecosystems and a small number of case studies will be presented.

January 18, 2016 Internet of Things (IOT) Security

Speaker:  Brian Witten (Symantec Labs)

Abstract:  This talk will describe the security mistakes behind some of the headlines of recent IOT security debacles, and also describe current best practices for protecting IOT systems end-to-end, as background for leading edge research in network security and machine learning applicable to IOT security, and walk through a sampling of those research efforts.

January 25, 2016 Deep Learning with Differential Privacy

Speaker:  Ilya Mironov

Abstract:  Machine learning techniques based on neural networks are achieving remarkable results in a wide variety of domains. Often, the training of models requires large, representative datasets, which may be crowdsourced and contain sensitive information. The models should not expose private information in these datasets. Addressing this goal, we develop new algorithmic techniques for learning and a refined analysis of privacy costs within the framework of differential privacy. Our implementation and experiments demonstrate that we can train deep neural networks with non-convex objectives, under a modest privacy budget, and at a manageable cost in software complexity, training efficiency, and model quality.

February 01, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Kevin Lewi

February 08, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Dima Kogan and Nathan Manohar

February 15, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Kevin Kiningham

February 22, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Florian Tramer

March 01, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Yan Michalevsky

March 08, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Henry Corrigan-Gibbs

March 15, 2016 TBD

Speaker:  Saba Eskandarian